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Black Iberian Pigs from Spain


Kodawari products: Black Iberian Pigs

Carefully selection of pork complying with Spanish Royal Decrees

Meat from black Iberian pigs has long been used in Spain as the fundamental ingredient for uncured ham. Due to the previous proliferation of low-quality Iberico ham stemming from unregulated crossbreeding of various breeds with pureblooded Iberian pigs, in 2001 the Spanish government issued a Royal Decree on the matter. The Royal Decree was aimed at preserving the Iberico Puro bloodline, establishing the quality of Iberico ham, and establishing fair commercial trading of Iberico ham. In recent years, the delicate pork from black Iberian pigs has gained a strong reputation among consumers, creating the need for certification of product authenticity; thus, Royal Decree 1469/2007 was issued in November 2007 by the Spanish Government. Nichirei Fresh partner DeRaza only handles black Iberian pigs that have been certified as compliant with these Spanish Royal Decrees.


Farming methods stipulated by Spanish Royal Decree

The farming method for black Iberian pigs is regulated by Spanish Royal Decree, as follows.

①Suckling stage :
Piglets are kept alongside mother sow.


②Weaning stage :
Piglets are separated from mother sow, kept in a small enclosure, and fed a grain-based diet.


③Initial stage :
Pigs are moved to a more spacious enclosure and fed a grain-based diet.


④Mid-term stage :
Pigs are moved to an even larger enclosure and fed a grain-based diet.


⑤Final stage :
As indicated below.


The secret of this exquisite flavor

A characteristic attribute of pork from black Iberian pigs is their incredibly smooth texture, which seems almost melt on the tongue. The secret here is the large amount of oleic acid in the fat. Black Iberian pigs are well known for their pork, which can be enjoyed in a wide array of dishes, such as grilled pork, sukiyaki, and Japanese shabu-shabu, and which is sure to earn further acclaim in future.

Black Iberian Pigs Photo
  • Black Iberian PigsBlack Iberian Pigs
  • Final farming stage (acorn feeding)Final farming stage (acorn feeding)
  • Roast shoulder of Iberico porkRoast shoulder of Iberico pork




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