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Shikidori from China, Thailand


Kodawari products: Shikidori

Kodawari products: Plant-Derived Feed

Feed mix for generally available broilers usually incorporates some animal-derived elements, but this practice can leave a trace of fish or animal odor in the chicken fat, with excessive fat resulting from high-calorie feeding often deposited as subcutaneous fat. Shikidori are raised on a feed mix incorporating principally plant-derived elements such as soybean meal and corn, without use of animal-derived ingredients. For this reason, Shikidori meat is free of any hint of unusual taste and it harmonizes well with any kind of cuisine, at any time of year.

From raw materials to processing: a global network

Raising chickens without use of animal-derived feed means that daily incremental weight increases tend to be minor, increasing the chickenfs desire for feed, which affects production costs. However, in order to emphasize the essential flavor of chicken, Nichirei Fresh has created Shikidori, which is free from any hint of unusual taste. In expanding its operations to China and Thailand, Nichirei has conveyed this technical knowhow to its overseas business partners. Nichirei has developed a broad array of products ranging from chicken meat to processed products and prepared meals.


Traceability System

Nichirei Freshfs certified production facilities benefit from a unique integrated production system that governs the entire process from breeding right through to processing for products such as FA Chicken and Shikidori. Nichirei Fresh has constructed a traceability system enabling product history to be traced as required; in the event of any problem, the cause can be promptly uncovered and addressed.

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