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Kodawari products: FA Chicken

Meticulous care in chicken farming, without reliance on pharmaceuticals

In order to treat and prevent illness and to stimulate further growth, antibiotics and antibacterial agents are used in the farming of most generally available broiler chickens. Our FA Chickens do receive vaccinations, but pharmaceuticals are otherwise not used at all throughout the span of the chickenfs life. By working to create a low-stress environment and increase the chickensf own natural recovery ability, we are able to raise strong, healthy chickens without the use of antibiotics or antibacterial agents.

From raw materials to processing: a global network

By drawing out the maximum natural goodness, we cultivate health without the use of antibiotics and antibacterial agents. This is the Nichirei Fresh approach to the production of FA Chicken. Meticulous attention is paid to improving the chickensf living environment, and living bacteria (such as lactic acid bacteria) and plant-derived natural remedies (such as in Chinese medicine) are used to build the chickensf resistance to disease. In expanding our operations to Brazil and China, we provide our overseas partners with the technical expertise cultivated together with our Japanese business partners, gladly utilizing the natural characteristics of each country and region. In addition to offering chicken meat itself, we are also extending our processing operations in order to provide prepared chicken products.


Regarding antibiotics

Use of antibiotics and antibacterial agents can help ensure a stable supply of edible meat. On the other hand, it also involves the risk of pharmaceutical residue in the meat and the emergence of drug-resistant strains, and it has been linked to environmental damage such as soil pollution. Compliance with national regulations regarding pharmaceutical residues in meat (stipulating non-dosing periods, methods of use etc.) does ensure consumer safety. However, since FA Chicken uses no pharmaceuticals in production, it is free of any risk of pharmaceutical residue, making it safer and increasing consumer peace of mind. Our main concern is not for antibiotics themselves, but for the various possibilities for harm that may emerge from their constant long-term use.

FA Chicken Photo
  • Poultry facility in BrazilPoultry facility in Brazil
  • Inside a Brazilian poultry facilityInside a Brazilian poultry facility
  • Inside a Japanese poultry facilityInside a Japanese poultry facility




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