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Short-neck Clams from China


Kodawari products: Short-neck Clams

Hand-digging method maintains natural freshness

We insist upon harvesting clams by the hand-digging method. Hand-digging prevents any injury to the clamfs water-vascular system during harvesting. This facilitates sand removal at the factory and enables us to maintain natural freshness during processing.

Cultivating meaty, juicy clams in the tidal mudflats, packed with nutrition

The firm, robust Short-neck Clams we cultivate in the tidal mudflats are full of flavor and nutrition. These tidal mudflats areas are designated for environmental protection by the Chinese government. Due to the planned release of young clams by local fishery cooperatives, and with harvesting controlled and permitted only in certain areas at certain times, clams can be traced from their young stages, enabling us to work to protect clam resources.

Inspection standards for Safety and Consumer Trust

In order to deliver healthy, firm, and delicious clams to consumers, we dispatch Nichirei inspection staff to local areas. In cooperation with our local partners, these workers undertake a supervisory role from purchase of raw materials through to processing. In addition to particularly strict hygiene control during processing, they also implement Nichireifs strict standards for preventing contamination with foreign matter. This is what allows us to successfully produce Nichirei boiled edible Short-neck Clams, which are good enough to eat straight from the packet!

Clam harvesting grounds


Short-neck Clams Photo
  • Hand-digging of clamsHand-digging of clams
  • Shelling clams, one-by-oneShelling clams, one-by-one
  • Final inspectionFinal inspection




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