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Octopus from Mauritania


Kodawari products: Octopus

From rich fishing waters straight to the factory, using ike-jime

The coastal waters of Mauritania are home to abundant rich fishing grounds, and the shallow waters are particularly rich with shellfish and crustaceans, which make good prey for octopus. Since the harvesting grounds are located close to port, the octopuses are killed on board the vessel using the rapid-kill ike jime method, which preserves freshness during transport to the factory.

Pot trapping: ensuring quality and resource conservation

Octopuses are caught one at a time using pot traps. Itfs said that only strong healthy octopuses enter the pot traps while the shallow waters are still abundantly full with prey; this enables us to capture strong, firm-limbed octopuses of the highest quality. Unlike the trawling method, this harvesting method does not disturb the harvesting waters, and it also prevents over-harvesting, making it much better for the environment and for resource conservation.

Octopus harvesting waters


Color, texture, taste: outstanding in every way

We hope you will enjoy the bright color, firm texture and bold flavor characteristic of Mauritanian pot-trapped octopus.

Fully integrated management: from catchment to freezing and shipping

Nichirei Fresh conducts pot-trapping via a long-held partnership with local company PCA, Mauritaniafs leading provider of pot-trapped octopus. Nichireifs expert technicians are dispatched to serve locally, and Nichirei Fresh has implemented a strict and fully integrated management system from catchment through to freezing and shipping.

Octopus Photo
  • Octopus pot-trappingOctopus pot-trapping
  • Octopus being taken from pot trapOctopus being taken from pot trap
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