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King Crab from Norway


Kodawari products: King Crab

Home of the king crab: the shoreline of the fjords

The waters of the Arctic Circle, clean and rich in mineral nutrients, are the home of the king crab that Norway produces. Lack of natural predators inhabiting the long shoreline alongside the fjords makes this a perfect location for cultivating the king crab. Due to the ideal natural conditions, king crabs produced here tend to grow larger than in other regions.

Strict resource management protects the great taste

In order to manage king crab resources, the Norwegian government strictly regulates the size and catch quantity of crabbing vessels. Nichirei Fresh has partnered with the DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood (operating under the gVarangerh brand). DM Fresh is a pioneer producer of the Norwegian king crab, and currently enjoys No. 1 market share, enabling it to offer its customers king crab of truly superior quality.

The 3 Kodawari principles of quality

Size, freshness, and great taste. Only king crabs meeting all three requirements are selected to bear the Varanger brand.

Crabbing waters


King Crab Photo
  • Crabbing catchCrabbing catch
  • Large king crabLarge king crab
  • Inspecting the final productInspecting the final product




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