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Kodawari (meet strict quality standard under our concept) products from Japan and across the world, delivered daily to your table.

Nichirei Fresh is proud to offer foodstuffs carefully selected not only from within Japan but also from producers located across the world. In order to provide high quality ingredients in optimum formats for their intended use, we have constructed a sourcing system and production system that is fully integrated on a global scale. We deliver a broad array of foods via these global systems, ranging from marine products such as shrimp, crab, octopus, squid, salmon trout, shellfish, and fish roe to meat and poultry products such as chicken, pork, beef, and much more. These foodstuffs make their way to your door via mass retail stores, the restaurant industry, and manufacturers of processed foods. Through the Nichirei Fresh network, local producers both within and outside Japan are connected to your table daily.

From sourcing of ingredients to production



Developing Kodawari products with 6 key concepts.

At Nichirei Fresh, we strive to develop all our products based on the key concepts of Good Taste, Safety, and Consumer Trust. Freshness is a key concept for our marine products, while Health and Environmental Friendliness are key concepts for our meat and poultry products. The Kodawari products of Nichirei Fresh have been developed based upon these 6 key concepts.

Key concepts for Kodawari products


The Nichirei brand promises Consumer Trust and Safety.

At Nichirei Fresh, from the ingredient/raw material stage, only items meeting our strict quality standards are worthy of displaying the Nichirei brand. The Nichirei brand attests to our meticulous efforts toward Safety and Consumer Trust. One such initiative is FA (Free from Antibiotics) farming, which involves farming methods in which chemicals such as antibiotics are not used. With products such as our gOmega Balance Porkh with a healthier balance of fatty acids in the meat, our 100% Japanese-produced Junwakei, and many more, we are constantly striving to achieve the Kodawari principle of painstaking attention to detail. In order to ensure stable sourcing for our Kodawari products, Nichirei Fresh builds robust partnerships with outstanding production and processing facilities from around the world. Nichirei Fresh maintains these global efforts in order to deliver even greater trust and goodwill to customers.

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