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Aiming to be a corporation that provides value to society

Nichirei Fresh Inc. was split off from Nichirei Corporation in 2005 as a company handling marine, meat, and poultry products. The Nichirei Groupfs predecessor was the Teikoku Marine Products Control Company, a national policy concern founded in December 1942. It started with marine products from the deep sea and then came to be proactively involved in marine products from coastal waters, agricultural produce, and meat and poultry products as well. In the postwar era the company diversified its food business based on its mission of restoring the food economy that was in a critical state. This was the origin of todayfs Nichirei Group.

Being a company that is useful to the world
Since the companyfs foundation, our philosophy has been the stable, continuous provision of safe, reliable marine, meat, and poultry products to customers - excellent sources of animal protein that have contributed to the healthy, long lives enjoyed by Japanese people. We will keep this in mind as we move forward and provide the fantastic qualities of marine, meat, and poultry products, as well as new value with our original services that satisfy each consumer.

1. We offer delicious, safe, and reliable products from Japan and across the world.
2. We consider resources and environmental issues and contribute to invigorating the marine, meat, and poultry product industries.
3. We offer the value of the finest new products to consumers.

In an era when it is increasingly difficult to ensure food security across the world, Nichirei Fresh Inc.will aim to serve as an irreplaceable bridge between global consumers and changing markets, constantly explore new potential, and create new value.

Aiming to be a corporation that provides value to society
Yoshifumi Kaneko, president Nichirei Fresh Inc.


Nichirei fresh Corporate philosophy

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