Nichirei Fresh


Meat and Poultry Products

Cultivated with all the power of nature, our meat and poultry products enrich the spirit as well as the body. This is a Kodawari principle of Nichirei Fresh.

We strive to offer the foods you enjoy daily while remaining environmentally friendly on a global level. Consumer needs in regard to food are now evolving, where an eenrichment of the spiritf is desired. This is also true for meat and poultry products. Consumers now seek clear knowledge of the origin of their food, from cultivation through to distribution and they demand that these products meet strict standards. Nichirei Fresh aims to deliver products that provide heartfelt satisfaction for consumers. Based on the key concepts of Freshness, Safety, Consumer Trust, Health, and Environmental Friendliness, our global systems deliver carefully selected Nichirei Fresh Kodawari Meat and Poultry Products to your table. Utilizing all of naturefs great power, we provide meat and poultry products which are firmly based on the principles of Good Taste, Safety & Consumer Trust, and Health and Environmental Friendliness. This is the Kodawari principle of Nichirei Fresh.



Good Taste

This means preserving elasticity in the cell membranes, making the cells more resistant to damage, ensuring juiciness and good firm texture in addition to a unique aroma and well-rounded taste.


From the farm to the table, in addition to ensuring full and complete compliance with safety standards based on law, in addition to implementing our own strictly managed standards.

Consumer Trust

In offering our products, this includes giving our full consideration to eliminating any concern or worry felt by consumers.


Kodawari meat and poultry products play a powerful role in promoting health. Knowledge is also promoted by clearly explaining the functions of the nutritional elements contained in our meat and poultry products.

Environmental friendliness

In addition to working to minimize the burden upon the environment in producing our meat and poultry products, Nichirei Fresh also works to improve the environment.

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