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Before inquiring, please read the following.

uNotes relating to personal information handlingv

The personal information input and provided to us will be managed based on the Nichirei Fresh Privacy Policy. For details, please see the following notes.

  1. The personal information entered into the inquiry form will be used for responding to/answering questions and for sending requested materials, etc.
  2. The inquiries input and provided to us by customers will be responded to/answered by Nichirei Corporation (hereafter "Nichirei") or a Nichirei Group company (click here for group company definition) as considered appropriate. In addition, customer personal information may be transferred to a designated business consignment company for the purposes of management of data input, etc.
  3. Provision of personal data by customers is optional. If not provided, appropriate service may not be available.
  • If you agree to our handling of personal information, click the "I agree" button below and proceed to the Inquiry Form.
  • If you do not agree, click on the "Do not agree" button below. The browser will return to the Top page.
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